DANCE HYGIENE – Why it's important to have good hygiene when social dancing

There’s nothing worse than dancing with a partner who hasn’t considered certain aspects of their hygiene for dancing. There are several reasons why you want to make sure you’re meeting standards:

  1. New people will be there for you to meet.
  2. You WANT to feel confident!
  3. You WANT to be asked to dance again and again.
  4. Lastly dancing having bad hygiene is just plain RUDE!

Whether you want to go out for fun, meet someone special, exercise, or just to socialize, being a dancer with good hygiene is extremely important for you to stay on top of your game. When going out dancing you are 100% guaranteed to meet people and having smelly clothes, breath, bad body odor, rough scaly hands, or justing looking like you rolled out of bed is a # 1 factor in you not even being looked at to dance or even go near you!

Not only does looking good or smelling good increases your number of dances, it boosts self-esteem and confidence. (YES) Being confident lets the world that you’re ready to kill the dance floor and dance until your feet drop! You will certainly get noticed a lot more and maybe even have the courage to do the asking. (wink, wink)

Check these before going out dancing, so as to not be plain RUDE (lol):

  • Body Odor – be sure to bathe, wear deodorant, and wear smelly good stuff, such as cologne, and perfume. (CAUTION whatever you do don’t over do! Even though you have these items checked off having too much can be just as bad as not having any at all)
  • Bad Breath – YUCK, okay people this is easy! MINT or GUM! Sometimes it happens before we head out the door we forget to brush our teeth, pop a mint, or chew some gum but while dancing sometimes our mouth can get a little dry. So it is important that to prevent the stink, you want to always have something on you from the smelly breath while getting close dancing or talking and keep your mouth hydrated. (CAUTION! Although having gum is a pro with the stink, it can also be a con. You don’t want to chew that gum to the point where the person you are dancing with or having a good conversation says “Are you hungry?” I know this!! It’s happened to me and it is funny yet embarrassing, so chew silently and close your mouth. I’m saving you!)
  • Lastly, Lotion/Finger Nails( MEN, especially): It’s super duper important to keep your hands moisturized and nails well manicured! NO ONE!!!!! Wants to dance with reptile hands!! SOOO this is a no brainer–lotion/sanitize your hands and PLEASE MEN cut your finger nails. (No one wants to dance with someone who can climb a tree with their fingernails )


steph segler