The Importance of Simplicity.

As a society we tend to overthink, overcomplicate, and get distracted with the vast amounts of knowledge and information presented to us on a daily basis. We often miss out on the important things like paying attention to friendships and family or simply enjoying the little things in life - like dancing!

We started researching simplicity and how we could implement it into the website and the studio as a design concept as well as a teaching structure. We quickly found out that simplifying has allowed us to laser focus onto who we want to be as a Dance Studio and we're so excited to share what we've learned with you all!

Here's a snippet from BeMoreWithLess that really resonates with us >>> Link HERE

Simplicity is not a sacrifice.
Living with less is not a project in suffering, but instead a way to discover what is most important. Sometimes, the only way to figure out what is really important in your life is to get rid of everything that isn’t.

Simplicity doesn’t look the same for everyone.
Simplicity might mean growing your own food and living off the land, or downsizing and renting a small apartment in the city close to public transportation and a grocery store. There are lots of versions in between too and the best version is the one that makes your life better.

Simplicity will change you.
While many changes work from the inside out, simplicity has a powerful way of working from the outside in. It provides the opportunity to remove the layers and connect with what is most important.

Simplicity will make you more open-minded.
Once you see how easy it is, and how much happier you are living an unconventional lifestyle, you will become more open to change, uncertainty, and new ways of improving your life and the lives around you.

Simplicity is not a competition.
Being more or less simple than anyone else doesn’t matter. Simplicity challenges like living with less than 100 things or dressing with less than 33 are experiments and sometimes tools to help you see the power of less. They can be fun challenges, but the numbers don’t really matter. This is your life.

Simplicity supports loving relationships.
Living more simply invites you to slow down and be more attentive and loving. If you notice that your relationships are challenged because you want to live more simply than they do, step back and focus on love. Fighting about decluttering is just as damaging as fighting about clutter.

Simplicity demonstrates happiness with less.
I’ve learned that more attracts more and less attracts less when it comes to stuff and clutter and things you think you must have. If you ask most people what they really want from life and work their first answer is not more money, a bigger house, or a new car. Instead they want health, happiness, time, security, love, respect, satisfaction, inspiration, and less stress. None of those things are available at the mall or through any material purchase.